They say love is forever but sometimes a tattoo lasts longer. If you want to show your love just buy some flowers or a ring, you will regret having you ex's face painted forever on your chest. Some people should be banned from getting a tattoo. Check these hideous cover-ups.

Stupid people are everywhere. You surely know a stupid person, I definitely know a stupid person and I even think I might be one myself, though I'm also aware that being stupid also means not knowing that you are stupid. Being a member of that big group of people is dangerous to yourself and to the ones that are close to you. Stupidity is a silent disease that can't kill you on its own, but it will do whatever it takes to take you down. Take a look at these 50 photos of people that are too stupid to even be called humans. There is a dangerous plague that can kill you and it is call stupidity. Take a look.