When you have had a few to drink, are you a happy drunk or a sad drunk? Do you find yourself doing things you would not do when you are sober? This is because alcohol lowers your inhibitions. One of the consequences of drinking alcohol is an altered state of mind. One of the ways this altered state manifests is by making you think that some decisions are perfectly fine to make when you are drunk. For example, buying things on the internet. Let me show you 50 of the most ridiculous things people have bought while they were drunk.

There are times historians find some mysterious objects they can't even explain. Relics from all over the world, some very old (we are talking about several centuries ago) some quite modern, but unexplained. How did they get there? Who built them? What are their meanings? All mysteries unsolved. Even after years and years of rigorous study and research, scientists have no clue. Here are some of those objects, all together so you can be the judge. Be our favorite detective and try to find an answer, as a character from a mystery novel would. Have fun! And don't forget to share! Here are some mysteries unsolved by scientists from all over the world, some of them are just unbelievable!

The name Bitcoin was first mentioned in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Although Satoshi is credited as the founder of Bitcoin, his real identity is still a puzzle. Bitcoin was born when Satoshi was mining; a process of securing data using systematized computer processing power. "He" developed the software and guided the set-up of its infrastructure. He is estimated have to 1 million bitcoins worth $1.1bilion. The first recipient of bitcoin, Harold Finney used his proceeds as a developer to create a preservation module to help people be "revived in future". Currently, among the shareholders are the Winklevoss twins, famous for their suit on Zuckerberg, who owns 1% of all traded bitcoins. Their investment grew from $9 per bitcoin to the current estimated value of over $8,728 per bitcoin.