Revenge is not a good thing, we all know that: is much healthier to let go of anger and resentment feelings instead to try to get back at someone or something just so they get what you feel they deserve. However, even we try to trust Karma in getting people what they should get in exchange for their actions, a little human intervention seems necessary to get the world a little more fairness. We are definitely not suggesting that you should do any of these but some revenge actions can be quite funny and we selected the best ones for you.

Kids are known for saying (and doing!) the darndest things, right? It's happened to us when we were kids: we did or said something that mortified our parents to no end. Or perhaps it was something that made them laugh so hard they got tears in their eyes. And even if back then we didn't understand what it was that horrified or cracked them up, now we probably get why that something we did was so weird or so funny.

If you are in desperate need of a five minute break or if you feel like procrastinating for a while (or both) here we offer you 50 incredible things and the weird, funny things they do that prove being a child means you get away with practically everything as long as the grown-ups have a sense of humor (which we do). Enjoy, and try not to laugh too loudly!

If you are an Internet addict, you know that there is one thing that can assure you to have a great laugh online and that is people who have failed in their tasks. We can't help but wonder how things get so far or how nobody was able to prevent them when it comes to design, signs or everyday activities, but fails happen and they never stop being hilarious. So if you had a stressful day and you need something to have fun with, we have gathered the fifty more epic fails of all time to enjoy. Are you ready?

Things can get out of control at any time. One minute you are alright and the next one you are putting out a house fire or calling the plague control because you found a boa inside of your toilet bowl. Don't get me wrong, this is not meant to trigger your anxiety or anything, it is just an objective reality: Unexpected things can happen. Most times those unforeseen events are so bizarre and funny that you even have time to photograph them and we thank you for that. We gathered fifty photos that show fifty funny times when things got out of control.

Growing up in the nineties means two things: first, you are probably dealing with a middle life crisis right now (we feel you) and second, there are many things that you will understand that other generations won't get, either for being too old or haven't even been born. We were the generation that transitioned from analogical to digital in our young years and as well as some things we are grateful that had changed, there are many that still makes us smile and feel nostalgic. Would you rather have a childhood nowadays or you think that it was in fact, the best decade to grow up?

In this strange world we live, there are people that decide to permanently insert pigment under their skin without even giving it that much thought. Some people tattoo themselves with a sharpie, even when they can't even draw a straight line. Some people get tattoos while extremely intoxicated. The results often go from sentences full of writing mistakes, to horribly made pictures of loved ones, to incredibly ridiculous, offensive or stupid ideas, to all that at the same time. Here are 50 of the worst tattoos you can find online...some of this will make you scream at your screen while shaking your head in disbelief!

Being a parent could be an extremely fun job. However, it would probably reach a point where you won't know what else to do with an extremely annoying kid. Those would be the moments in which a kid would make you feel really tired and would take all the energy you had left on your tank. At that point, you would probably start to make stupid mistakes and commit the most dangerous mistakes. All of them, caught by the lens of a camera could become the memes of tomorrow and a great way for kids to blackmail you if you don't do as they say. Here are a few of the best epic parenting fails from the internet.

Humans have always had the need for someone to lead them. Leaders aren't made; they are born to do what they know best. Throughout history, we've witnessed the rise and fall of many of these extraordinary people, some of them considered divine due to their rare abilities. Some promoted the world of science, others the world of war and some simply influenced others to change the course of history by practicing a specific way of thinking. This is the list of 50 most influential leaders in human history, responsible for shaping the world times and times again.

You don't need to explain yourself: everybody knows that getting dinner on the table and trying to go healthy is not as easy as it seems. Whether you're trying to lose weight, or you just want to have a little bit healthier diet, you just need to do a few changes. Are you getting crazy with healthy recipes you found online? Forget about it: healthy cooking has to be a realistic goal, not a perfect one. We have put together 50 kitchen hacks to cook much healthier food, in order for you to achieve your healthy cooking goals without going nuts.

Even when woman have been forced to be in the background of the most important events in history, they were always there whether we see them or not. The truth is history is full of brave, courageous women that dare to try to live the life they wanted even if it seemed impossible at the time. From a former slave that became an abolitionist and save over 300 slaves in the 19th century, to the mothers and grandmothers of stolen children in the military dictatorship tirelessly fighting for their identity, to young girls and women fighting for their rights in the 21 first century, here are, in chronological order, 50 iconic photos of women through history.

How many times do we hear that blondes are the ones who have all the fun? We think that's wrong and redheads always steal the show. Honestly, Gingers have been killing it. This post is about them, the most gorgeous redheads we know and deserve to be awarded just because of their natural beauty. You may know many of them: Julia Roberts, Amy Adams, Julianne Moore and Evan Rachel Wood have been everywhere lately and we are not complaining. Here you have 50 stunning celebrities who prove that redheads can also have fun, sometimes, even more than blondes and brunettes. Enjoy!

Do you have a car or know someone that does? If you do, you will know that taking care of them takes patience and a lot of money. Cars can break very easily and it will cost you a lot to fix them. That's why people try to fix them by themselves and just make it worst. Others just use their cars as trash cans or as a canvas for their graffiti art. Here are 50 photos that prove that people are just the worst with cars and serve as examples of things you shouldn't do. Enjoy our list and take care of your car!

Cooking is something that a lot of people enjoy. Also, something that a lot of people do just because they have to eat. These days, people are too busy to devote a lot of time to cooking during the work week. It seems there are more important things. So, those that enjoy cooking make use of the weekends to cook in advance. But this article will most benefit those who don't actually enjoy it. In this article, you will find 50 food hacks that are borderline genius. They will make your cooking so much easier. Just try them and see.

Do you hate having a disorganized house? If you do, take a look at this tips and idea that will help you have the house you always dreamed of. We will give you ideas for you to organize your bathroom, living room, kitchen and many other places! You can even get some help from your kids and create an organization habit. You can also DIY some of this ideas and create a lot of beautiful things that will help you keep everything in its place. Here are 50 awesome ideas that will help you organize your home and start enjoying things you didn't know you had.

Tattoos are great, and nowadays more and more people get them. As you probably already know, it is important that you think it thoroughly before you decide on what you want. You can talk to a tattoo artist and tell them what's on your mind, and together you can work on a design. You can also look for designs that have already been done and add as many modifications as needed until it's to your liking. Some people even combine two wholly different concepts into one! What really matters is that you're sure about the tattoo you want to get (since it's not something that's going to come off after a couple of showers!)

If you are a book lover thinking of getting a tattoo that expresses how comfortable you feel when you get lost inside the pages of a story, here are 50 tattoo ideas that could inspire your decision.