Times Accidental Camouflage Happened

Camouflage is meant to protect you since by blending with wherever you are can make you become invisible for a while. However, is not always as complete or even as planned as you would imagine: sometimes a coincidental outfit and wall can create a perfect camouflage. These people had accidental matches with the places they were at and decided to take a picture to prove that these type of amazing casualties are a possibility and are not necessarily staged. Check out these pictures and let us know, has this ever happened to you? Have you ever accidentally camouflaged yourself with a particular spot?

Sand Socks


The material and color of these socks make them seem as if they were made of sand, so they blend in perfectly. But now that I think about it, who would wear socks to go to the beach?

Pasta shirt


This coincidental camouflage was completely accidental: a nice black and white patterned shirt that matches the exact same design that the inside of the pasta ceramic bowl he is using.


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