Times Accidental Camouflage Happened

Camouflage is meant to protect you since by blending with wherever you are can make you become invisible for a while. However, is not always as complete or even as planned as you would imagine: sometimes a coincidental outfit and wall can create a perfect camouflage. These people had accidental matches with the places they were at and decided to take a picture to prove that these type of amazing casualties are a possibility and are not necessarily staged. Check out these pictures and let us know, has this ever happened to you? Have you ever accidentally camouflaged yourself with a particular spot?

Sand Socks


The material and color of these socks make them seem as if they were made of sand, so they blend in perfectly. But now that I think about it, who would wear socks to go to the beach?

Pasta shirt


This coincidental camouflage was completely accidental: a nice black and white patterned shirt that matches the exact same design that the inside of the pasta ceramic bowl he is using.

Hotel shirt


Out of all the possible matches that this person could have had, this one is the most unexpected one since the colors and design of her shirt are the exact ones as those on the hotel wall.

See-Through Cow


This camouflage is so amazing that ends up looking like an optical illusion: the spots on this cow have the same color as the grass behind it and it makes it look as if it was transparent.

Sandals and shelf


You might think that these are that type of see-through plastic sandals, but in fact, they just happen to have the same polka dot design as the shelf they displayed them on.

Find the shoe


There is nothing amazing about matching red shoes with a carpet, but what really is amazing is that they are both the same exact tone which makes the shoes seem invisible.

Leggings and carpet


These grey heathered leggings match perfectly with the carpet, and what is crazy is that the carpet is not even worn out or dirty to stand out: they make a perfect camouflage.

Find the phone


I'm sorry, but you are about to get obsessed and spend many hours of your now so not productive day with this picture until you are able to find the phone that's in it.

Wallet and car


The only reason why we are able to even see that there is an open wallet on top of the plaid car seats is that of the stitches because it really seems to be the same fabric.



Nature always seems to find a way to surprise and amaze us and in this case, is this little dragonfly that happened to be flying around and decided to take a break from a very familiar pattern.



Casually matching a floor or carpet is great, but being able to pull it off with two different ones in just one outfit is simply amazing: the same shades, textures, and colors.



This slice of pizza seems to match exactly the pattern and color of the marble that is laying on makes it almost invisible. Can you think of anything sadder than a pizza that disappears?

Bean seats


The camouflage game is on with this guy that happened to match perfectly not only his pants but also his hoodie with this bean chairs. Perfect to take a nap without nobody noticing.



The eccentric (and amazing) pair of yellow shoes seemed cool enough, but having it blend in perfectly with the subway floor that has such a specific shade and texture is mind-blowing.

This kid


This little kid seems to have understood the most important thing about cosplay at a very short age: characterization. The fact that he is not much taller than the hydrant really helps.



It might take you a few looks at this picture to find it, but there is a moth there: apparently matching marble tables are more attractive to them than flames.



You know when you work hard on a presentation and you couldn't feel any more proud of it, so you decide to wear a tie that matches it perfectly? No? Never felt that close to a presentation?



A lot of band-aid brands take pride in making them transparent or unnoticeable, but almost none of them achieve it since there are so many skin shades, but they nailed it here.

Animal print


Usually, people who wear animal print clothes are all about being noticed by others, but this girl had the chance to become part of her bed with it and nail the camouflage game.

Body wash


This coconut butter body wash bottle has the exact same colors and texture that the bathroom tiles. Do you think someone bought it by mistake or this was carefully planned?

iPhone and sweater


What are the chances of dressing up like an iPhone cover and having someone right beside you using that exact one? Very few, but this accidental camouflage is so on point that is one of our favorites.

Shoes and stairs


The stripes on these shoes seem to go perfectly with this electric stairs, and even though it's funny you should pay attention if you don't want it to end up in tragedy by not seeing them.

Find the lake


Some days are so amazing and the skies are so clear that landscapes change completely: even to the point of making a lake "disappear" by matching its exact same color.



If you hadn't seen the first picture, you probably had never noticed that there are many sheep in the one below: they way they are placed make them seem like grass on the ground.

Paper Plate


Batik is amazing because it's almost impossible to get the exact same shape, pattern and color combination in two different pieces, but this shirt matched exactly the colorful paper plate.

Sparky sand


These golden glitter ballerina shoes were a tough pair to match to anything: they are specific and textured, but they ended up blending perfectly with the sand on the beach.

Gum and nails


I don't know what came first: if this nail art was inspired by this pack of gum, if the gum manufacturers saw this style elsewhere or if this is one of those magical casualties.

Public transportation fashion


Buying a very specific and colorful dress is always a reason of pride and usually, exclusive designs are expensive so if you paid a lot for the same fabric that they use on buses, you've been scammed.

Socks and pillow


I love when these things happen because I never know if this was straight-on coincidence or if someone actually loves a color so much that they end up in situations like these.



Not only the face of this owl is one of the most adorable things we have seen, but the way it blends in perfectly with the white wall and the wooden part makes it more loveable.

Chair shirt


If you ever walk into a restaurant or someone's home and you realize that you are wearing the same fabric on your shirt than a chair, it's time to buy new clothes.

Where is the key?


This is mind-blowing because it's so well camouflaged that if we hadn't told you that there is a key inside that lock you probably had never noticed it, right?

Airport madness


This is one eccentric carpet at the airport and of course, that is one eccentric pair of socks, so it makes sense that these two things met at some point in their lives.

Not even here


Not only is great that this woman realized that her fancy dress matches the one on the carpeted floor, but it's hilarious how she posed to show it. Nobody notices you.



Teachers usually go out of their ways to keep students focused and paying attention to what they are saying, but in this kid's defense, it's hard to be concentrated on a talking highlighter.



This lighter is really nice and it happens to match the exact color and pattern of the curtain. I think it works much better on the lighter, though. What do you think?

There is a teacher there


This one is simply amazing: the way the teacher and his grey hair blend in perfectly with the erased chalk on the chalkboard makes this picture look like an optical illusion.



Burritos can make a great quick meal: they are very rich, tasty and only takes a few minutes to heat them up and have them ready. And also they can blend in with your kitchen, so it's all a win.



The stripes and color on this phone case blend in perfectly with the desk. However, they both seem pretty unattractive, which makes me wonder why they chose that pattern for both.

Coffee cup pants


Cardboard cups are pretty had to match with anything since not only the color has to be the same but also the texture is fundamental. Apparently, someone's pants were able to do so.



These type of boots look so warm and comfortable that they make you feel like you are at home, cozy and relaxing everytime you wear them. Makes sense, since they seem to be made with the same material that you have at home.



I can relate to this dog's honest facial expression as he seems confused since a floating head, hands, and legs are now his owner. Whatever happened to the rest of her?



Matching fabrics can happen and it might not be so outstanding, but being able to match what you are wearing with a tree is really a gift. Also, she posed so great to show it.



These huge bags take out all of the space in the trunk, and no wonder why: the third one is a person wearing a plaid shirt. It doesn't seem as if they are doing something legal, though.



Can you imagine how frustrating it must be to spend a month looking for the perfect dress to stand out at a wedding and realizing that it was made from the same fabric as the tablecloths?



At first sight, this picture looks like a very regular portrait of an urban landscape filled with traffic cones, until you realize that there is a human cone walking by. A look that stops traffic.

Shoe and bathroom floor


This pair of shoes seems like the type you buy because they are cool and they have a little detail to them but they seem to lay low: they do it so well that they mix with the bathroom floor.



This guy chilling on a chair that has the exact same pattern in the exact same lines that his shirt is amazing. Do you think he even noticed that this was going on? Probably not.



This guy probably bought the most original colorful striped shirt he could find to stand out, so it probably hurted a little to realize that he is matching a hand towel somewhere.

Actual camouflage


This is amazing because the guy that is lying on the couch is wearing actual military camouflage, and he blends in perfectly with this grandma floral pattern. Very unexpected.