Tattoo Ideas For Book Lovers

Tattoos are great, and nowadays more and more people get them. As you probably already know, it is important that you think it thoroughly before you decide on what you want. You can talk to a tattoo artist and tell them what's on your mind, and together you can work on a design. You can also look for designs that have already been done and add as many modifications as needed until it's to your liking. Some people even combine two wholly different concepts into one! What really matters is that you're sure about the tattoo you want to get (since it's not something that's going to come off after a couple of showers!)

If you are a book lover thinking of getting a tattoo that expresses how comfortable you feel when you get lost inside the pages of a story, here are 50 tattoo ideas that could inspire your decision.



"Not all those who wander are lost." This beautiful quote by J. R. R. Tolkien expresses exactly how some feel when they begin to wander inside the pages of a new story. Avid readers are, sometimes, considered 'wanderers'.

A bunch of books and a cup of tea


Who doesn't love a bunch of new, unread books waiting to be discovered by a reader for the first time? Who doesn't think that a cup of tea is the best companion we could ask for when we're about to embark on a written adventure?


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