Crazy Scientific Discoveries

Scientists all around the world are always working on things, whether we know about said things or not. For the most part, they are the silent superheroes that will never make the headlines. But because they do not always make significant breakthroughs that change the course of history and save millions of lives all in one sweep, sometimes the discoveries are just small and merely interesting. New stars, new sources of energy, ways in which our body works, or even weird choices of sleepwear are only a few of them. So, to keep up with those cases where these findings didn't make the cut for the seven o'clock news, or even those mind-blowing ones that were then shared and rejoiced all around the globe, here are fifty scientific findings that were crazy when they were discovered or that are insane today.



When Copernicus proposed the theory that the earth orbited around the sun, it wasn't well received. No one could believe that we weren't the center of the universe! Heck, Galileo was legally named a 'heretic'.



Up until then, nitrous oxide was used as a recreation drug at parties. They discovered the other, useful, function when one man sliced his leg while high and didn't feel like a thing.


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