Most Epic Fail Moments

If you are an Internet addict, you know that there is one thing that can assure you to have a great laugh online and that is people who have failed in their tasks. We can't help but wonder how things get so far or how nobody was able to prevent them when it comes to design, signs or everyday activities, but fails happen and they never stop being hilarious. So if you had a stressful day and you need something to have fun with, we have gathered the fifty more epic fails of all time to enjoy. Are you ready?


The most important thing in any structure is safety and then you can think of decoration: in this case, the unfortunate pattern in the carpet on the stairs makes this a death trap.


Hospital cookies

Hospitals often try to keep the spirits up by doing special things on different holidays and celebrations: unfortunately, giving out a tombstone cookie for Halloween is not the best idea.


Candle kit

A candle kit designed for children seems like a very fun and interesting idea for a gift until you unmold the candle and it looks like a penis. No chance you don't see it.

Not so hot

Let's take a second and think why would someone thinks that painting a woman in your car is sexy. No idea, but if you do it make sure you have something that looks remotely real.


Three’s company

Photoshop can create really amazing things and help adapt some things to the idea that the designer has in mind, but sometimes the work is sloppy and mysterious body parts just appear there.



Microwaves are very helpful and come in handy when you need to get your meal ready in very little time, but as they say, you shouldn't put metal things or children inside them.



What a fun idea, right? A Superman graffiti that has a water device on it so anyone can drink from it if they are thirsty but couldn't you have set it up a few inches higher?


That’s not relaxing

This would not seem as bad if it does if we didn't know the context: this is inside an airport, and the idea of looking into the deep ocean from your plane window is not a relaxing idea.


Eating children

You really need to be careful when you write a sign if you want to make sure you get the right message out and not come across as you are saying that eating children is okay.


Child Abuser

I can't think of anyone who has given this sentence some thought that would be proud to be called a Child abuser. Please, don't be a child abuser and don't snapchat about it with such joy.



Design has a ton of failures but this one is something that we can't seem to understand: what's the point in putting such a tiny window with its own blind?


Wait, what?

This is confusing, should we grade them based on the words or in the faces that they added? You are giving me mixed signals, I'm not sure how to feel or which face to put.



This Absolut dress seems like a great idea for advertising until it folds this way. The good part is that she seems pleased with it so if she's proud we are not going to judge.


Half a toast for the hungry

I get the point of your inspirational picture but come on, if you are feeding the hungry and poor just give them the whole damn toast, they are not hungry for inspiration.



That is one interesting choice of picture for the box but it kind of makes some sense: you could have floors so clean that you wouldn't mind going at it on them.


Catholic School

This statue in a Catholic School has a meaning and an intention and we get it, but someone should have noticed that the loaf of bread should be a little higher than that.


Fit or fat?

If this gym's real name really was "Fat forever" I can assure you that nobody would sign up for it: if I wanted to be fat forever you would find me in a restaurant, not there.


Lauren is dumb

I have no idea what Lauren was thinking but we sure don't want to be her the next time she is trying to find a book on the shelves. Seriously, Lauren, there is a kind of smart that books can't provide.



Security questions don't care about the truth, they just care about theirs: sorry your dad's name is Paul but that's not going to do it for us. Try getting a different father and come back.


I hope it says click

Designers have some of the most epic fails on Earth and the font of this ad really shows why: a little difference can turn a Charity message into a very dirty and inappropriate one.



This smiley hippo in the bowling alley seemed like a fun idea until someone actually put this to work and the balls come right in and out of his ass. No further thoughts on this.



This is so wrong is actually great and we hope it works as good advertising: this is why you should pay your bank images, otherwise the painter will copy everything exactly as it says.


Toilet paper

This is not a design fail: this is an act of cruelty. Whoever did this should experience himself the hustle and inconvenience of having the toilet paper out of reach. So awful.


Classy ventilation

If you need to put a ventilation duct on your home, you could choose anywhere else to put a window in or better yet, don't put any windows at all if they are going to look like this.



I don't know how these things are supposed to end up in the public eye without nobody saying that is wrong but this must have been stopped before hitting the stores.


Hannah Montana

This means one of two: either someone was too lazy to Google the correct characters or they didn't want to have to pay any license or rights to do merchandising.



Sometimes keeping things traditional and classic makes much more sense than trying to be edgy and giving your staff the nightmare of climbing each time a customer needs something.


No more eyes and lips

I really want to believe that this is a product made to remove makeup from your eyes and lips but I wouldn't trust it if they were lazy enough to let such an important word out of the package.



If you have ever purchased clothes online you know that there is a small chance that things don't look exactly as advertised and that is a risk, but this hoodie is going straight to the trash.



These two color dresses became a huge thing in the past few years since the optical illusion they create are supposed to make your body look much slimmer or in this case, like a penis.

Conference Room

This is a rather simple design so I find it extremely hard to believe that this was an honest mistake: you should have noticed this detail before you sent it to print. Seriously.



We all know that if we buy not official merchandising of brands you are taking the risk of them being a little different than expected, but the image of Steve Jobs representing Android is too much.



Some things can be hidden with a print or a detail but when it is a part of a major structure maybe people will tell on you. Hope nobody leans on that or it's going to get ugly.



I'm not sure if these people know exactly what camouflage means or what is its purpose but it is the exact opposite of standing out and not blending in. Really, the exact opposite.


Amazing colors

I have no idea if this is an epic fail or a major trolling from an ad: how on Earth are we supposed to see all the amazing colors in a publication that is printed in black and white?


Hold on

If you have any type of disability, make sure you never pay a visit to the people in this building because there is no way you'll be able to hold on without getting severely injured.


Kid winning

Unbreakable glasses are a must-have if you have children in your family, but it would be for the best if you just put some juice inside them. Really, a kid having wine on the box?


Baby shower drinks

Baby showers are a great place to find fails but this one is so epic that it is one of the creepiest things we have seen. It seems more like a pro-choice reunion and not a baby shower.



I'm not sure if they are advertising cleaning and housekeeping services or they can actually kill your wife for money, but this is one of the reasons why you should pay a copywriter to do his job.



There are so many different types of window bars available on the market that choosing one that clearly ha penis all over them makes us think that this was not a fail: it was a choice.


I’m going vegan

It's important to know where your food comes from but this is what we would call a little too much information. I know meat comes from the cows but do you have to be so graphic about it?



This is supposed to be an artsy ad but we all know what it looks like with no context and I'm pretty sure that we are not the only ones with dirty minds looking at this.


This sign

Either you are trying to climb that stair with your leg or you are really, really happy to see us. Couldn't you have designed the shoes different or leave the guy barefoot?


No thanks, I’m good

This chair looks so damn scary and the message sounds so dirty that makes me want to steal it and set it on fire. Seriously, I'm going to have nightmares with this chair, I can't see it anymore.


Wrong model

I think that the model choice or photoshop addition of this website didn't quite understand how homosexuality works: I can tell that girls would be very happy that she was gay.


Chia Pet

This chia pet shaped like Bob Ross seemed like a fun idea when it was all green and bushy but once it's done it looks creepy as hell. Someone didn't think this through, don't you think?



This looks like a delicious and fresh fruit punch but it's actually a floor cleaner. Make sure you don't leave this anywhere near your kids, seriously, it's a death trap.


No, that’s not how it works

Well, it doesn't take much to know what Kryptonite means to Superman, not only is common knowledge but you could also google it in like two seconds. Really, two seconds.


New discoveries

Some prints don't end up as they were planned and these dinosaur shorts are a perfect show of that: they actually brought a new discovery to the museum: the camel-toe-saurious.


Video print

Well, teacher, I can't tell you what I concluded from the video because there is no video, videos can't be printed and you should not be teaching anyone anything if you don't know this.