Revenge is not a good thing, we all know that: is much healthier to let go of anger and resentment feelings instead to try to get back at someone or something just so they get what you feel they deserve. However, even we try to trust Karma in getting people what they should get in exchange for their actions, a little human intervention seems necessary to get the world a little more fairness. We are definitely not suggesting that you should do any of these but some revenge actions can be quite funny and we selected the best ones for you.

Kids are known for saying (and doing!) the darndest things, right? It's happened to us when we were kids: we did or said something that mortified our parents to no end. Or perhaps it was something that made them laugh so hard they got tears in their eyes. And even if back then we didn't understand what it was that horrified or cracked them up, now we probably get why that something we did was so weird or so funny.

If you are in desperate need of a five minute break or if you feel like procrastinating for a while (or both) here we offer you 50 incredible things and the weird, funny things they do that prove being a child means you get away with practically everything as long as the grown-ups have a sense of humor (which we do). Enjoy, and try not to laugh too loudly!

Things can get out of control at any time. One minute you are alright and the next one you are putting out a house fire or calling the plague control because you found a boa inside of your toilet bowl. Don't get me wrong, this is not meant to trigger your anxiety or anything, it is just an objective reality: Unexpected things can happen. Most times those unforeseen events are so bizarre and funny that you even have time to photograph them and we thank you for that. We gathered fifty photos that show fifty funny times when things got out of control.