Iconic Photos Of Women That Made History

Even when woman have been forced to be in the background of the most important events in history, they were always there whether we see them or not. The truth is history is full of brave, courageous women that dare to try to live the life they wanted even if it seemed impossible at the time. From a former slave that became an abolitionist and save over 300 slaves in the 19th century, to the mothers and grandmothers of stolen children in the military dictatorship tirelessly fighting for their identity, to young girls and women fighting for their rights in the 21 first century, here are, in chronological order, 50 iconic photos of women through history.



This is one of the few pictures out there of Florence Nightingale, considered the founder of modern nursing. She became an icon on the Victorian culture when she managed and organized the trained nurses that tend to wounded soldiers in the Crimean War.



Harriet Tubman, born in 1822, was an abolitionist icon. She was a former slave that escaped and helped escort over 300 slaves to freedom conducting a network of anti-slavery safe houses known as "Underground railroad".


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